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Elizabeth Ann 4/16/21    Tom Kazanas you are the very best!!!!!

Justin Casey 1/8/21
We absolutely killed it on this deal! Can not speak highly enough about Tom Kazanas’s work ethic and skills of negotiating. I was very pleased as the buyer!
Kristi Hadgigeorge 1/7/21: Thank you for your expertise and guidance throughout this process, Tom. Appreciate your honesty and patience. And thanks for helping us break it in first!
Alec Dickman 9/25/2020: If anyone in the Cleveland area is looking to buy or sell, Tom Kazanas is your guy!
Mikayla B Hyland December 2, 2019 · A huge thank you to our good friend and amazing realtor Tom Kazanas ! We have had our condo listed for only a few days and not only did we get multiple offers, but also above asking. We accepted one tonight ? He’s a great and honest person to work with. Anyone looking to sell, he’s your guy!